How to Scale and Monetize a YouTube Channel Without Showing Your Face or Creating ANY Videos!


“This is it! No fluff or made up stories. Just real people and even better, GOOD people and amazing results!”


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Stuck in the 9 to 5 rat race not earning nearly as much as you'd like?

Don't let an unfulfilling, underpaid job drain your energy and soul any longer. The mind-numbing routine of clocking in, performing the same tasks, and receiving little recognition can trap you in a cycle of despair. It's time to break free and seize a better way.

With Freedom Accelerator, you can achieve both financial and time freedom.

Envision a life of true freedom, where you can work from anywhere in the world and enjoy a steady stream of passive income every single day.

With Freedom Accelerator, we don't just give you a roadmap - we take you by the hand and lead you from A to Z. From building a team of top-notch video creators to launching your first video and generating your first dollars, we'll help you create a life of abundance and fulfillment, on your terms.

Here is what you get when you join Freedom Accelerator

YouTube Accelerator Core Curriculum (40+ Hours)
Over 40 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building a YouTube Automation Channel from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up!
Elite 6-7 Figure YouTube Community
Join an elite community of YouTube Automation Channel owners. Share your victories, get your questions answered, and network with like-minded individuals.
Most profitable niches + Niche selection cheat sheet + optimized channel keyword and description templates
Simplify your niche selection process with our profitable niche identification system and cheat sheets.

Job Posting and Content Creation templates
Efficiently hire top-notch content creators with our proven templates. Attract the best candidates and produce high-quality content your viewers will love.
Understanding the algorithm, Viral Content Formula, Optimizing key metrics
Master the YouTube algorithm, create viral content repeatedly, optimize key metrics, and maximize your earning potential.

Accountability Check Ins
Stay accountable and on track towards your goals with our dedicated coaches who provide regular check-ins.
Weekly Live Q&A Calls With Dedicated Coaches
Get exclusive access to industry-leading experts who have built 6 and 7 figure channels in our 4 weekly live Q&A calls.
Exclusive Bonuses:
Get your hands on exclusive bonus modules with regular updates on relevant topics, content from bonus speakers and more.

Our 5-Step System:

Your roadmap to creating a solid monthly income with YouTube Automation Channels, without creating your own videos or showing your face.

STEP 01:

Book Your Exclusive 45-Minute Discovery Call with Us!

Book a free 45-minute Discovery Call with Freedom Accelerator to explore the world of YouTube automation channels and determine if our premium program is the right fit for you.

STEP 02:

Welcome to the exclusive Freedom Accelerator Family! 

Learn all about YouTube Automation Channels
Join our family for a step-by-step blueprint and supportive community to create and monetize a successful YouTube channel.

STEP 03:

Premium Coaching by Experts

Get next-level support from industry experts at Freedom Accelerator. We offer premium coaching to help you with anything related to YouTube automation channels, from strategy to mindset and beyond.

STEP 04:

Monetize Your Channel Like a Pro

Monetize your YouTube channel with our expert guidance and proven strategies.

STEP 05:

Start Profiting and scaling your channel

Experience freedom with YouTube Automation Channels. Say goodbye to 9-5 and hello to financial independence. Ready to take the leap?

Meet The Founder

I'm Paul Hilse, and my mission is to help people achieve financial freedom. I've been in dead-end jobs, struggling to make ends meet, and saw my parents work tirelessly as immigrants to provide for our family.

I turned to the internet, tried dropshipping and failed. But then I discovered YouTube Automation Channels, and I poured everything into them, scaling them to 6-7 figures.

Now, I've founded Freedom Accelerator to help others break free from poverty and insecurity with passive income.

With the right knowledge and support, anyone can achieve financial independence and live on their own terms, and I'm here to show you how.

Our Results Speak For Themselves:

Bruno did $38k/mo in less than 5 months... here's how...
Jim is making $7,000/m passively and planning on retiring himself and his wife
Student Dre Went From Broke Uber Driver To $41,000/m passively! 

Cara was an overworked healthcare worker now making $20,000/m on her channel!
Tyler is making $7,000/mo in cashflow on YouTube even with full time job and 3 kids
Student Kye dropped out of college and is making $60,000/yr passively! 

Andrew scaled from $0 - $4,500 per month in cashflow
Student Andrew quit his job and making $20,000/m! 
Student Ben Scaled to $10,000/m In 4 Weeks!
Lisa and Nell scaled to $10,000/mo passively with YouTube Automation
Danielle went from lost to making $10,000/mo

Student Kurt Scaled to $10,000 /mo
Reece Scaled to $600/ day

Henry went zero to $9,000/mo and quit his job

Our Monetized Or Money Back Guarantee

If you do not get monetized on YouTube and make money with us by the end of our 6 Month Program, we will continue to work with you until you do.

Our Monetized Or Money Back Guarantee

If you do not get monetized on YouTube and make money with us by the end of our 6 Month Program, we will continue to work with you until you do.

our monetized or money back guarantee

If you do not get monetized on Youtube and make money with us by the end of our 6 Month Program, we will continue to work with you until you do.

Join A Family of Elite Youtubers

Our Monetized Or Money Back Guarantee

If you do not get monetized on YouTube and make money with us by the end of our 6 Month Program, we will continue to work with you until you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are YouTube automation channels?

Our approach involves creating channels on a variety of popular topics and outsourcing the video creation to affordable freelancers. By doing so, you can generate passive income from a YouTube channel without needing to appear on camera or create videos yourself.

Can I start a YouTube automation channel without any experience?

Not at all! We will teach you how to outsource to expert script writers, voice over artists, and editors who will do all the “heavy lifting.”

This is why Freedom Accelerator was created. The program is designed to help you acquire all the right knowledge, develop the right skills, and gain experience in cash flow simply by going through our program.

How long does it take to make money from a YouTube automation channel?

Making money from a YouTube automation channel takes time and effort, and it varies depending on several factors such as your niche and content quality. Some people may see success within 3-6 months, while others may take longer. It ultimately depends on how effectively and efficiently you implement our strategies.

Can I do this with my current job?

Yes, you can do this as a side hustle! It takes no more than a few hours day to manage your channel

Can I work anywhere in the world?

Yes! You can work and travel anywhere you want in the world. YouTube automation channels is the first step to TRUE freedom.

Start your YouTube Automation Channel Journey NOW

& join our Elite YouTube community! I look forward to speaking to you soon!

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Student Dre Went From Broke Uber Driver To $41,000/m passively! 

Student Ben Scaled to $10,000/m In 4 Weeks!

Student Andrew quit his job to making $20,000/m!

Student Kye dropped out of college and is making $60,000/yr passively!

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